The Regenerative Institute Of Wellesley


Welcome to the Regenerative Institute of Wellesley​

At the Regenerative Institute of Wellesley we are a group of passionate healthcare professionals dedicated to educating
and empowering every one of our clients and prospective patients about the resources and cutting edge technologies
available to them that allows them to go beyond managing their symptoms to restoring their bodies in ways that they
never imagined possible. We believe that every patient is unique and deserves a personalized approach to their condition.
We base our treatments on individualized programs designed to not only alleviate pain and symptoms but to improve
overall quality of life in the long term and promote health and wellbeing.


This therapy can repair damage at a cellular level, help heal acute and chronic injuries and help possibly avoid surgery.

This device can help reduce pain, stimulate faster healing and activate the body’s own stem cell production.

This modality helps enhance the body’s own healing factors and may help reduce chronic inflammation, improves energy levels and tissue oxygenation

Our Team

McKayla Burns

Registered nurse and nurse practitioner. A graduate of Providence College with a degree in biology, McKayla has continued her education at Boston College earning a Master’s degree in Nursing.

Steven Raposo

Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2001. Steven Raposo is the founder of the Regenerative Institute of Wellesley.