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Pulse XL Pro and Golfers Elbow

Golfer’s elbow is an inflammation – also called tendinitis – in the tendons connecting the forearm to the elbow. The inflammation can be very painful and cause diminished mobility, due to the resulting discomfort.

Although called golfer’s elbow, golf and sports are not the sole cause of this condition and it can also come about due to repetitive movements.

At our clinic we do a thorough, personal consultation to determine the root cause of your golfer’s elbow. Our regenerative therapy options are safe, non-surgical and may help with many different types of injuries, musculoskeletal issues and mobility problems.

Pulse XL Pro

Pulsing, or PEMF, is a technology that addresses cellular dysfunction and supports overall wellness by stimulating and exercising the cells in a soothing fashion. This modality can positively influence movement and enhances the cell’s healing capacity.

Each cell in your body carries its own measurable electrical charge, much like a battery. Ill or injured cells are low on energy and can’t function normally, thus impeding the body’s ability to repair damage and heal properly. Pulse XL Pro works with your body’s own natural magnetic field to assist healing, improve circulation and has the ability to enhance cell energy.

PEMF therapy is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes electromagnetic frequencies, which promote overall wellness and may speed up the healing process, thus restoring the body to a more healthier state.

Our trained staff can help by determining what treatment option would be most appropriate for your condition, based on a personal consultation. We offer several regenerative therapies which assist the healing process, may alleviate golfer’s elbow and improve your journey to recovery.

At our clinic we offer various nonsurgical and noninvasive treatments that may help treat many kinds of musculoskeletal and tendon issues along with their underlying problems.

If you are struggling with golfer’s elbow, contact our office today.