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TruDose PRP for Knee Pain

Knee pain can have many different causes such as arthritis, tendon or ligament tears, be the result of injuries and stem from overuse. Knee pain can be very uncomfortable and reduce mobility and function greatly.

At our clinic we do a thorough, personal consultation to determine the root cause of your knee pain. Our regenerative therapy options are safe, non-surgical and may help with many different types of injuries, musculoskeletal issues and mobility problems.


TruDOSE PRP Therapy is a conservative and holistic approach to increasing the healing speed of damaged tissue and uses super concentrated platelets, making it a natural choice of treatment for musculoskeletal pains such as knee pain.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy has grown in popularity around the medical world over the last ten years, and many have utilized it to accelerate recuperation and promote the repair of musculoskeletal problems. PRP may used to treat many conditions that could previously only be treated with surgery, including knee-meniscus injuries, running injuries and osteoarthritis of the knee.

TruDOSE eliminates discrepancies in PRP therapies by procuring an exact therapeutic dose of platelets for each unique patient. Platelet structures are fragments of cells that contain the proteins necessary to help seal broken blood vessels and repair tissue. Employing autologous blood – blood taken from a patient and returned to the same patient – and not adding any foreign materials to the treatment makes it extremely safe.

PRP therapy may be used to improve healing after surgery for some injuries. Research studies have shown that PRP therapy can be effective in relieving pain and help patients return to their normal lives.

Our trained staff can help by determining what treatment option would be most appropriate for your condition, based on a personal consultation. We offer several regenerative therapies which assist the healing process, may alleviate knee pain and improve your journey to recovery.

At our clinic we offer various nonsurgical and noninvasive treatments that may help treat many kinds of musculoskeletal and tendon issues along with their underlying problems.

If you are struggling with knee pain, contact our office today.